Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Ascension Lutheran Church expansion

Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA (2013 - )

The existing Ascension Lutheran Church was designed by architect William Wesley Peters and was dedicated in 1964. The proposed 17,000+ square foot expansion includes Sunday School classrooms, early childhood classrooms, administrative offices, new restroom facilities, and a Fellowship Hall. The new construction brackets a large garden space that allows for outdoor services and parish events. 

An unfolded pentagon geometry, informed by the existing church, organizes the new buildings and outdoor spaces. A steel-framed canopy links the separated structures and produces dappled sunlight on the walking paths. Playfully positioned skylights admit natural sunlight to the classrooms and the Fellowship Hall – these animate the spaces and reduce the need for artificial illumination. Focused areas of vibrant colors, inspired by desert blooms, command attention and promote wayfinding.


Client: Ascension Lutheran Church

Status: Ongoing

Project Team: Andrea Tejeda Gamez, Amy Leber, Nathan Rist

Model Photography: Taylor Bellais