Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Riyadh 360 - Business Park

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2016-)

Riyadh 360 Business Park is a 19,000 sm (200,000 sf) mixed-use development in the emerging northern region of the city and consists of office space, retail and dining areas, and a hotel with 100 rooms. 

The project is organized into a long, open ‘U-shaped’ configuration, forming a protected courtyard, and exists atop a single level (3.4 acres) of parking and services. The opening at the western end offers views and pedestrian access into the shaded, layered desert plantings within the courtyard areas. 

Two-way concrete slabs and columns structure all buildings and a base plinth levels the project across the gently sloping site. The lower floors of the project (retail and office spaces) are composed of tightly spaced precast concrete vertical mullions, infill panels of bone-colored tile, and insulated glass panels. Narrow openings between the buildings from the main street to the north offer glimpses to the verdant courtyard within and punctuated with brilliant ultramarine or gamboge-colored inlay wall tiles. 

The uppermost levels are devoted to the hotel program and crown the composition with thin, dense dark bronze-toned metal screens to mitigate the solar intensity to the spaces within.


Client: SAHM Real Estate Developers

Status: Construction

Local Architect: Abdulmohsin Altheyab & Partners

Landscape Architect: Soren DeNiord Design Studio

Project Team: Samuel Martin, Gilbert Rey

Images: Forbes Massie, Submarine CG