Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Edwards Transit-Oriented Development

Edwards, Colorado, USA (2010)

This project is a research study exploring the potential of creating a workforce residential village in the City of Edwards, Colorado. Residents within the Eagle Valley (Edwards and surrounding communities) have working opportunities in nearby locations such as Vail however affordable housing is lacking in this area. The location studied in this research was selected for the positive attributes of being centrally located within this employment region, having reasonable transportation access, located need a watercourse and hiking trail, but most importantly perhaps being located adjacent an abandoned rail line. It is planned that this rail line will be converted to light rail usage thereby making this location a central hub for a transit-oriented development.

The site selected is currently a truck stop serving interstate vehicle traffic. A tree-lined river bank is an existing green belt that is popular for biking and walking. One masterplan version containing 175 living units and 16,000 square feet of commercial space consists of two lofted, linear bars of residences that align the waterfront edge. The organization is directly based on building setback limitations and a desire to maximize the remainder of the parcel as a new park landscape. Transit and commercial opportunities can be found in the northern tip of the site where they are open to the street and rendered as a portion of the overall ‘stick’ form that is sheared away from the housing block composition. There is a strong cross-axial path that connects the college, the development, and the adjoining commercial properties through a newly created park on the site.


Client: Private

Status: Concept design complete 2010

Collaborators: The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (Jillian Brooks, Andrea Tejeda Gamez, Emil Crystal, Chris Williams, Daniel Dillow, Lauren Rybinski, Hui Ee Wong, Thai Blackburn)