Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Hemispheres House

We propose a home of two hemispheres. One half is open to the elements; composed from vertical wooden slats. The other half is a sheltering enclosed form. Above, two arrays of PV collectors cover the surfaces of the butterfly roof that directs rainfall to its central valley. The symmetrical pitched peaks form dynamic internal spaces that spring from the central storage core spine of the upper level floor plan. 

Half of the home is outside, removing the need for heating and cooling while ‘borrowing’ space and views from the surroundings. This half is manifest as a light, lacy framework which defines entry, carport, conditioned vertical circulation core and private terrace, fostering a connection with the environment. One enters through a promenade, culminating in a double-height foyer with a stairway to the second level, along softly moving water. 

The opposite half of the home provides the interior spaces that shelter life; living, kitchen, bedrooms, baths, and storage. This hemisphere is conditioned and contained, manifest as a solid mass, articulated with openings. The home inverts the usual arrangement by positioning the bedrooms on the first level and living space above. A private outdoor courtyard resides above the carport. 


Client: Japan Organic Architecture, Inc.

Status: Construction - Spring 2018

Collaborators: Michael Desbarres, Samuel Martin, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Images: Canalettos