Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Landsnet Towers

Various locations, Iceland (2008)

These proposals are in response to the request by Landsnet for the design of new high voltage electricity transmission towers to be distributed across the country. Two options address the challenge in different ways.

The design of first version project seeks simplicity, elegance, and clarity of form. A systematic study explored the formal properties of forks, combs, and spoons as a means of wire support and lead to the selection of a simple figure that is appropriate for both rural and urban locations. These studies also lead to the creation of a ‘family’ of tower versions / types that can be applied to specific regions to identify the uniqueness of the line. The intent is to create an appearance of a visual lightness in how the object both meets the ground and in how it appears against any landscape backgrounds. The form is resolved to meet the ground at a single point to resist gravity while four stay wires are used to resist overturning from lateral loads. The overall form of the object is understood from a distance but upon approach and investigation the object reveals its lacy, diaphanous detailing.

The second proposal is intended for the rural locations and is based on the visual iconography of drying racks. Three legs of each tower are proposed as fiber-reinforced polymer tubes and are efficient to erect and stable. The three legs appear to lean against one another however they do not touch directly but rather are linked by a unifying knuckle bracket.


Client: Landsnet Iceland

Status: Competition complete 2008 – Longlist Finalist

Collaborator: Michael Powell