Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Lindal Elements Home

Various Locations (2011 - )

To create the Lindal Architects Collaborative Series, various architects were approached to design a residence that worked with the proprietary building system of Lindal Cedar Homes. The solutions are not site-specific however this proposal assumes a sloping site. This home creates an outdoor enclosure within an ‘L’ shaped plan profile. The roof is a simple shed form that is extruded along the length of the L. The public areas are at the confluence of the bend with the private spaces (bedrooms and office) at the ends of the bars. Horizontal cedar cladding exists on the courtyard walls and continues up onto the roof. The tall outward-facing walls are vertical cedar cladding.  


Client: Lindal Cedar Homes

Status: Ongoing

Collaborators: The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (Christopher Carr)

Images: Claudio Campra