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Objects Biltmore

Phoenix, Arizona, USA (2005 - 2006)

Objects retail store of curated woman’s apparel, men’s apparel, and home furnishings. For this new location in the Biltmore Fashion Square in Phoenix we utilized a minimal palette of dark wood panels for the floors, walls, and ceiling to unify the long, slender space and added minimal elements of backlit translucent glass walls and display bars and wood shelving to display the products. Two large zones of hanging clothing display are contained within large open areas of the ceiling that extend up through the second level where the clothing is prominently illuminated by skylights.    

The existing shell space is characterized with seven equal window bays and a 45 degree chamfered corner along the long axis that is adjoining a prime exterior circulation path for the shopping complex. The bays mean to imply structure behind however this is an illusion – only four of the bays have a steel column imbedded within. Our concept was to cut the base of the bays and expose the honesty of the steel frame beneath. The chamfered corner will be squared off and the facade will contain 102’ feet of 12’ tall low-iron glass to expose the wares inside to all passing by.     


Client: Objects / Tina Liston

Status: Construction documents complete – 2006

Collaborator: Michael Powell