Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Ohio Outdoor Amphitheater

Marietta, Ohio, USA (2013 - )

The Ohio Outdoor Amphitheater is a new 153,000 square foot, 10,000 seat, open-air theater venue surrounded by a planned development of entertainment resources for outdoor enthusiasts. The 4 acre site will include a 400 room hotel,  a convention center, a spa, restaurants, retail spaces, and guest cabins.

The amphitheater is nestled into the gently south-sloping site, following the contours to form the seating areas. The roof shape mirrors this slope in a ‘saddle’ profile. A triple row colonnade of steel members encircles the theater, emphasizing the openness of the pavilion to the surrounding plaza, the walking paths, and the newly planned lake. 


Client: Ohio Outdoor Heaven

Status: Ongoing

Collaborators: The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (Victor Sidy + Michael DesBarres)

Images: Claudio Campra