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the studio | curriculum vitae

blank studio design + architecture was created to honor the capacity for architecture to challenge, inspire, and to nurture a gratifying engagement of life through design. Our design process centers upon investigation and synthesis, the experiential curating of space, an authentic expression of materiality, and engagement with the senses. Through this inclusive method of design, blank studio endeavors through our work, to transcend meaninglessness and create projects and places that merit how well-considered architecture can elevate the quality of both the built environment and of the lives of the people that encounter them. 

In addition to realized projects, blank studio actively participates in the theoretical realm through teaching and by taking part in various local and international design competitions. As an ever present concern in our natural and built environments today, explorations into sustainable technology and practices inform much of the current work of blank studio.

For a CV with the complete list of studio works, exhibitions, lectures, awards, publications, and list of studio personnel, please follow the link above.

the approach

Only what is Essential.

The central motivation behind our work is both to extend it
beyond culturally traditional interpretations and to distill its critical
essence. We eliminate superfluous and distracting components
that do not support the primary idea.

Each project begins with a clear, legible concept. This clarity
informs a curated movement of the human body through space.

We interrogate compositions. We are unafraid of awkward
proportions and relationships. Work that provokes curiosity and
motivates investigation and study are what we nurture.

We hold respect for the authenticity of materials. Conversely, their
deployment is more idiosyncratic as uncharacteristic uses and
juxtapositions strengthen an experience of the unforeseen.

We listen to the makers and incorporate their intelligence to refine
each outcome. Works develop as projects of exceptional craft that
translate into spaces of integrity and presence.

Our work is serious; it is never somber. We cultivate both the
playful and the unexpected.