Blank Studio Design + Architecture

State Street Public Art / Bus Shelters

Madison, Wisconsin, USA (2003)

The program for this project was for bus shelters / public art along State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. State Street is pedestrian and bus traffic only and is the conduit between the state capitol and the University of Wisconsin. 

blank studio generated two solutions for the competition. The first option, called ‘Yield,’ is a stressed skin metal canopy supported along the long axis by steel ‘t’ columns. The roof shape dips dramatically at a single point to collect rainwater and deliver it to a new catchment detail in the sidewalk. The walls are filled in with tapering ipe wood planks. The area under the roof profile is ipe wood also. A concrete bar seat is illuminated from below.  

The second option, called ‘Lumen,’ is a steel frame with one open side to the street and protruding vitrine boxes facing the sidewalk for advertising and display of local events. The short sides and the top are clad with translucent glass with concealed fittings and backlit. The stops have individual cast resin seats with lighting beneath. As an element of wayfinding, the station’s seating color gradually transform from warm tones near the capitol to cooler tones near the campus.  


Client: City of Madison

Status: Open competition complete 2003 – Second Place