Blank Studio Design + Architecture

Suncover Residence

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (2009)

In this suburban location in Scottsdale, Arizona the site for the Suncover Residence has a generous proportion and is located immediately adjacent to a manicured golf course fairway green. The clients, a building contractor and his family, found this location to be an ideal integration of a desert site and the green surroundings reminiscent of their native England. 

 The design of this two-story residence centered on the concept of finding shade from the intense desert light and heat, therefore the critical east, south, and west facades are shielded with an external enclosure of woven brass wire mesh. The mesh mutes this intensity and filters the sunlight to a soft, golden tone. On the street (west) façade, the mesh parts and offers entry to the residence upon a central axis.   

Visitors enter into a double-height space filled with filtered sunlight from a rectilinear roof light above. A primary stair in this space offers passage to the main common living areas on the upper level. Program functions are split among the levels as to the hierarchy of desired lofted views to the golf green. Common public spaces (living, music areas) and the master bedroom suite are organized on the upper level. Dining is internally focused, located on the ground level and has its views edited by the carport volume adjacent to the residence. The guest suites are on the ground level, are north facing, and open to garden views.

An honest expression of materiality exists on all exterior surfaces; smooth polished pigmented concrete, reclaimed wood, lightly tinted clear glass, and the veiling qualities of the brass wire mesh are utilized to express a refined composition.


Client: Private

Status: Design development complete - 2009