Blank Studio Design + Architecture

'T' House

Phoenix, Arizona, USA (2011)

The site for the ‘T’ House is located at the edge of a residential neighborhood that abuts the North Mountain Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona. It possesses an expansive view of the Phoenix city skyline to the south. Northwest of the project location a rocky hilltop protrudes from the desert preserve.

The house is organized into a slender bar acting as an edge bracket that ends the residential fabric to the east and frames a rectilinear front yard area. This bracketed yard harbors a dense mesquite tree grove that mitigates the boundary between street and residence and shades the eastern façade of the residence. The house occupies the hill and site by this bracketing and by mimicking the steep pitch. The monopitch roof of the house is visible from the neighboring areas and is therefore covered with a rock bed to match the surroundings and to imply that the building was pushed upward from the desert floor.     

Approach promenade follows to the highest point of the site. Visitors ascend the site towards the hilltop protrusion where parking, pool, and entry access occur. Visitors descend the incline of the slope into the residence where they occupy a series of platforms of public spaces. Private sleeping spaces can be accessed from behind the dining level platform. 

An expression of extrusion encompasses the project. ‘T’ profile steel members at 1’ o.c. that structure the levels and the roof surround the house externally.  The steel members provide external sun shading for the glass behind. The steel bars (plus steel sheet composed opaque façade areas) are allowed to oxidize naturally and are removed occasionally to strategically allow for uninterrupted views of the landscape from within the residence spaces. Internally the house offers a reduced, refined palette of ebonized wood and polished white or integrally colored plaster.      


Client: Private

Status: Design development complete - 2011

Project Team: Jillian Brooks + Phonephasith Choulremountry