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Tongzhou Wenyu River

Beijing, China (2012)

blank studio was invited to participate in this competition for a mixed use facility on a 540 acre site in Tongzhou, a region in eastern Beijing near the Wenyu River. The program called for a 5,000 square meter conference hall and exhibition area, a 15,000 square meter hotel and business clubhouse, a 6,000 square meter office space, 2,000 square meters of employee housing, and 6,000 square meters of underground parking.

The aim of this project is a building with a balanced and nuanced composition. The building forms in the exhibition and conference areas, created in stone,  speak to solidity, permanence and stability. Above, a visually lightweight outcropping containing the office and hotel program, counterbalances the base and meets the sky with glass and wood.

Much like the flow of the Wenyu River, the glass is composed to create a subtle, undulating surface that reflects the sky in a very fluid manner. The wood on the south and west facades minimizes the amount of glazing on these elevations to control the solar gain. An extensive planted green roof offers an elegant foreground for the hotel guests, as well as a thermal control layer for the building. 

The building’s surfaces gently inflect where entry or egress occurs, thereby dividing the building forms into either urban or human scale.


Client: Platinum Real Estate / ArchCONNECT

Status: Invited Competition complete 2012 - Finalist

Collaborator: Michael Powell

Images: Scott Smith