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Yucca Residence

Yucca Residence, Phoenix, AZ (2015)

Sited in Sunnyslope and nestled amongst the foothills of Phoenix mountain preserve, Yucca Residence spans the buildable width of the slender site. The project occupies only the northernmost edge where the elevations are greatest.

A one-bedroom residence, the building parti consists of materials that reflect conditioned space vs. unconditioned space. The conditioned space is lightweight framed construction while single-wythe masonry expresses the unconditioned. Upon approach, you access the living quarters beneath the building in a CMU-encased stairway and ascend toward the north. You turn at the intermediate landing and rise to the upper platform where a sweeping view of central Phoenix cityscape awaits.

Framed within a 42' x 13' steel 'visor,' powder-coated to a soft silver, are living and kitchen areas. These spaces wrap around a central bathroom core. The bedroom suite exists in the rear zone of the upper level of this intimate residence. Below, a single volume houses a carport and storage.

The primary structural system is a hybrid of stack-bond CMU, with wood framing forming the living spaces. Within, the roof truss joists are left exposed, contributing to the honest portrayal of conventional materials throughout. Similar to the quality of form in plan, masonry walls are laid in a variegated arrangement, alternating 3 degrees in pairs. From each corner the pattern is mirrored, cascading along each axis. Above, wood framing is clad in steel, powder-coated to a contrasting blackened bronze, perched above native Sonoran landscape.


Status: Construction Documents complete – 2015

Architect: Matthew Trzebiatowski

Structural: BDA Engineers

Civil: Graham Engineering

Images: Claudio Campra